Fujifilm закручивает гайки

Fujifilm_logoОдин из немногих «живых» производителей фотопленки — компания Fujifilm анонсировал повышение цен на фотопленку, намеченное на апрель 2014г. Опять пеняют на снижение спроса при возросших издержках производства и подорожавшие энергоносители… Тем, кто хочет (и может) сделать запас — лучше не затягивать с закупом.


Оригинальный текст пресс-релиза:

Fujifilm corporation has announced that it will implement a worldwide price increase for its photographic films. The price increases are substantial and it would be an increase of at least double digit, but will vary depending on products, markets and regions.

1. Products:
Photographic Film: Color Negative Film, Color Reversal Film, Black and White Film and Quick Snap.
2. Date of Price Increases: Effective from April 2014 onward
The demand for film products is continuously decreasing and the cost of production, such as raw materials, oil and energy, stays at a high level and cost increase associated with lower volumes becomes much serious. Under such circumstances, despite our effort to maintain the production cost, Fujifilm is unable to absorb these costs during the production process and is forced to pass on price increases.
To sustain its photo imaging business, Fujifilm has decided to increase the price of photographic films.

Fujifilm remains committed to photographic products despite its price change. The new pricing structure will be applied to each market based on its individual conditions.